Sequence of Events

The orders and actions that occur during a turn of the War of the Avatars are processed in the following order for all realms simultaneously. In this list, the names of specific orders are bolded and italicized.

Order and Action Sequence

  1. Repeal standing orders.
  2. Movement continued from the previous turn is canceled if the unit receives a new movement order.
  3. Standing orders issued (processing occurs in normal sequence).
  4. Abandon and Reincarnate orders processed.
  5. Administration gold acquired.
  6. Proclaim, Seclude and Occupy orders processed.
  7. Declare, Announce and Inquire orders processed.
  8. Give orders processed.
  9. Ally orders processed.
  10. Avatar designs processed.
  11. Realm level Conflict and Explore orders processed (ALL and NEW).
  12. Unit level Conflict and Explore orders processed.
  13. Summon avatar orders initiated.
  14. Community movement orders processed (Link, etc.).
  15. Lead All orders processed.
  16. No one movement orders processed (Follow, etc.).
  17. Lead, Assign, Follow, and Pursue orders initiated and processed.
  18. Conflicts caused by alliances broken last turn resolved.
  19. Movement and combat occurs.
    Advance, Move, Travel, and Link orders processed.
    Lead, Assign, Follow, and Pursue orders processed.
    Combats initiated and resolved.
    Retreats resolved.
    Territory is conquered.
    Gold is received from conquered lairs, dungeons, and ruins.
  20. Unit experience awarded.
  21. Offer orders processed.
  22. Summon avatar orders processed.
  23. Slain realm characters are resurrected.
  24. Investigate and Research orders paid for.
  25. Craft items.
  26. Muster units.
  27. Conscript units.
  28. Invest orders processed.
  29. Oppose orders processed.
  30. Check for victory.
  31. Realms receive experience.
  32. Eliminate defeated realms.
  33. Gold produced by communities.
  34. Investigate and Research orders output.
  35. Status report and map generated.
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