This order commands one of your units to follow another of your units. After this order is executed, you only have to give movement orders to the lead unit; the following units all move with it. A following unit behaves as if set to either conflict or explore, based upon the setting of its lead unit, ignoring its own setting until it is back on its own.

Any number of units can follow the same unit. A lead unit can itself be ordered to follow another unit. Avatars will not follow other units, but other units can follow avatars. A unit that is not in the same hexagon as a unit it has been ordered to follow will move along a path towards the destination unit until it reaches it, even if it takes many turns. (You can use this aspect of the order to call units together to form a large group capable of defeating a particularly difficult target.) To cancel a Follow order: order the unit to follow "NOONE"; order the unit to follow a different unit; or issue the unit its own movement order (a unit ordered to move is automatically assumed to be following "NOONE").

Example: U2001 FOLLOW U2002
(Unit U2001 follows Unit U2002; U2002 must be your unit)

Example: U2001 FOLLOW NOONE
(Unit U2001 stops following its lead unit)

You can also give this order to a community. The community won't follow, but every unit built henceforth at that community will be issued the follow order. Once issued, a community movement order will remain, turn after turn, until changed or canceled. To cancel this order, order the community to follow "NOONE".

Example: C100 FOLLOW U2002
(All units built at Waterdeep [C100] after this order is issued will follow U2002)

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