This order attaches one of your items to a unit. Any number of items can be assigned to the same unit. The destination unit need not be loyal to your realm (this will allow the transfer of items between realms). The order does not execute until the item and destination unit are both in the same hexagon. If the destination unit is not in the same hexagon as the item when the order is issued, the order remains active, turn after turn, waiting until the destination unit enters the hexagon where the item is located. To cancel an assign order, order the item assigned to "NOONE" or to another unit.

Example: I1001 ASSIGN U2002
(Item I1001 is assigned to Unit U2002)

Example: I1001 ASSIGN NOONE
(Cancel I1001's previous assignment, placing it in the hexagon)

You may also assign one of your units to another unit. The target unit must be loyal to your realm. If the target unit is not in the same hexagon, the assigned unit will wait for it to arrive.

Example: U2001 ASSIGN U2002
(Unit U2001 assigned to Unit U2002)

You can also give this order to a community. The community won't be assigned, but every unit and item built henceforth at that community will be issued the assign order. The units and items will wait in the community until the unit they are assigned to arrives at the community. Once issued, a community movement order will remain, turn after turn, until changed or cancelled. To cancel this order, order the community to assigned to "NOONE".

Example: C100 ASSIGN U2002
(All units and items built at Waterdeep [C100] after this order is issued will be assigned to U2002)

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