This order summons an avatar at a community in your realm. The summon order cannot be used until turn 20 or later, for that is when the Time of Troubles arrives. You may summon only one avatar per game, and you cannot summon an avatar that someone else has already summoned. You must specify which avatar you are summoning and at which community the avatar is being summoned.

Your realm character must reside in the summoning community for the summoning to succeed. If the realm character does not start the turn at the community, or leaves the community during the turn, the summoning will fail because the realm character is needed to be the host body for the summoned avatar.

This order costs a minimum of 1,500 gold. You can choose to spend more than 1,500 gold on this order if you wish. If two or more realms try to summon the same avatar on the same turn, the realm that spent the most gold receives the avatar. Realms that bid low get nothing for their troubles, but they do get their gold back. Tie bids for the same avatar result in no realm gaining the avatar.

If you do not specify at least 1,500 gold or you do not have 1,500 gold in your treasury, this order fails and no gold is spent. It also fails if the community you specify is not loyal to your realm at the start of the turn or if it changes hands during the turn. Be warned that you lose any gold spent on a summoning order if the summoning community is conquered on the same turn! If this order succeeds, you receive an avatar design sheet along with instructions on how to fill it out. This must be filled out and returned with your next turn's Order Sheet.

Remember that the larger the summoning community is, the more powerful the avatar will be. The size in hexagons and strength in gold production of your realm will also be improve your avatars abilities.

Example: C100 SUMMON AT37 1501
(Waterdeep [C100] summons Tempus [AT37], bidding 1,501 gold)

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