This order can be used to tell all units or up to four specific units to attack any non-allied units they meet. This order can also be used to set the mission to conflict for those units built after this order is issued. Conflicting units attack (rather than retreat) when they encounter non-allied units in a hexagon.

This order is necessary if you want to attack non-allied communities and forces. The Explore order is the opposite of Conflict; either order overrides the other. At the start of the game, all units in the player realms are set to explore rather than conflict.

It is important to note that when a group of units enters a hexagon with non- allied units, only the leading unit is checked to determine whether the group attacks or retreats. In other words, if two units set to explore are following a unit set to conflict, the whole group acts as if set to conflict.

(All of your existing units will attack any non-allied units they meet)

Example: CONFLICT U2001 U2002 U2005 U2008
(These four units will automatically attack)

(From now on, all newly built units will automatically attack)

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