With this order you indicate up to four communities for a unit to travel to. These communities can be close together, far apart, or anywhere in between. The communities are visited in the order they are written down. The unit moves via the quickest path (lowest MP cost). If the communities are not reached in one turn, the unit continues moving on subsequent turns, until it reaches its final destination. This order is canceled if the unit retreats from battle, dies in combat, or is given new movement orders.

Example: U2001 TRAVEL C100
(Unit U2001 travels to Waterdeep [C100])

You can also give this order to a community. The community won't travel, but every unit built henceforth at that community will be issued the travel order. Once issued, a community movement order will remain, turn after turn, until changed or canceled. To cancel this order, order the community to travel to itself.

Example: C100 TRAVEL C115 C113
(All units built at Waterdeep [C100] after this order is issued will travel to Neverwinter [C115] then Luskan [C113])

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