Order Chart*

Description Subject Action Fields
Abandon Realm: ABANDON
Advance to Hexagons (up to 4): [Uid, Aid or Cid] ADVANCE [Hex] [Hex] [Hex] [Hex]
Ally with Realms (up to 4): ALLY [Realm Id] [Rid] [Rid] [Rid]
Announce to Realms (up to 4): ANNOUNCE [Realm Id] [Rid] [Rid] [Rid]
Assign to Unit or Avatar: [Iid, Uid or Cid] ASSIGN [Unit Id or Avatar Id]
Assign to No One: [Iid, Uid or Cid] ASSIGN NOONE
Conflict with All Units: CONFLICT ALL
Conflict with New Units: CONFLICT NEW
Conflict with Units (up to 4): CONFLICT [Unit Id] [Uid] [Uid] [Uid]
Conscript Unit: [Community Id] CONSCRIPT [Unit Type Id]
Craft Item: [Community Id] CRAFT [Item Type Id]
Declare Message to Realms (up to 4): DECLARE [Rid] [id] [id] [id] "Message"
Declare Message to Known Realms: DECLARE ALL "Message"
Explore with All Units: EXPLORE ALL
Explore with New Units: EXPLORE NEW
Explore with Units (up to 4): EXPLORE [Unit Id] [Uid] [Uid] [Uid]
Follow Unit or Avatar: [Uid or Cid] FOLLOW [Unit Id or Avatar Id]
Follow No One: [Uid or Cid] FOLLOW NOONE
Give Gold to Realm: GIVE [Realm Id] [Amount of Gold]
Inquire of Realms (up to 4): INQUIRE [Realm Id] [Rid] [Rid] [Rid]
Invest in Community: [Community Id] INVEST [Amount of Gold]
Investigate Things (up to 4): INVESTIGATE [id] [id] [id] [id]
Lead All in Hexagon: [Unit or Avatar Id] LEAD ALL
Lead Units and Items (up to 4): [Unit or Avatar Id] LEAD [Unit or Item Id] [id] [id] [id]
Link to Community: [Uid, Aid or Cid] LINK [Community ID]
Link to No Community: [Uid, Aid or Cid] LINK NOONE
Move Directions (up to 16): [Uid, Aid or Cid] MOVE [Direction] ... [Direction]
Muster Unit: [Community Id] MUSTER [Unit Type Id]
Occupy Communitity: OCCUPY [Comm. type id] [Amt. of gold]
Occupy No Community: OCCUPY NOONE
Offer to Avatar: OFFER [Amount of Gold]
Oppose Realms (up to 4): OPPOSE [Realm Id] [Rid] [Rid] [Rid]
Proclaim Realm: PROCLAIM
Pursue Unit or Avatar: [Uid, Aid or Cid] PURSUE [Unit Id or Avatar Id]
Pursue No One: [Uid, Aid or Cid] PURSUE NOONE
Repeal All Standing Orders: REPEAL ALL
Repeal Standing Orders (up to 4): REPEAL [Num] [Num] [Num] [Num]
Reincarnate Realm: REINCARNATE
Research Things (up to 4): RESEARCH [id] [id] [id] [id]
Seclude Realm: SECLUDE
Summon Avatar: [Community Id] SUMMON [Avatar type id] [Amt. of gold]
Travel to Communities (up to 4): [Uid, Aid or Cid] TRAVEL [Cid] [Cid] [Cid] [Cid]

* Alphabetically listed. See the Sequence of Events chart for order of execution.

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