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Game design: Paul W. Brown III, Charles Kraver, and John Myler
Programming: Charles Kraver and Markus Roberts
Manual: Mike Breault
Program specs: Charles Kraver
Units, items, avatars: Randy Lindsay
Godswar research: Sandy Stratton
Maps: Steve Crompton, David Hewitt, Amber Jusefowytsch, Lee, Susan Putney, and Dani Utter

Playtesting: Rich Baker, John Bass, Mike Breault, John Hart, David Hewitt, Julia Martin, Bruce Nesmith, Jon Pickens, John Rogers, Richard Weimer and the players from HexaCon III, ImaginaryCon, ForgottenCon and HexaCon IV which are too many to be listed!
WWW Page: Sue Solberg

Special Thanks To: James Ward, Bruce Nesmith, Mike Breault, and Mike Gray, without whom this game would not have been possible.

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