Description Amount
First turn fee Free for new players*
US$ 7.50 for repeat players*
Normal turn fees US$ 1.50 + 0.50 per available order**
Standby turn fees US$ 1.20 + 0.40 per available order***
Missed turn Free
First set-up Free
Additional set-ups US$ 7.50
Additional rule books US$ 3.00
Additional maps US$ 2.50
Re-print of a turn US$ 1.50
Faxed-in turns US$ 2.00****
Phoned-in turns US$ 2.50****

* A person who has never played the Forgotten Realms PBM will not be charged for their first turn of play. A person who has played before will be charged US$7.50 for the first turn.
** Turn 1 turn fee is US$7.50, Minimum turn fee is US$6.50, Maximum turn fee is US$15.00.
*** Minimum standby turn fee is US$5.20, Maximum standby turn fee is US$12.00.
**** This fee is in addition to the normal turn fees.

Note: The turn fees are based on the number of orders available to a realm, not the number submitted. As a realm conquers communities, the number of available orders increases.

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