Player Rankings

As a player, you gain experience points each time you play a War of the Avatars campaign. Many players play in several different campaigns at the same time or start in a new campaign as soon as they have finished developing their realm in an older campaign. The experience points you earn in each campaign are totaled to determine your overall Player Ranking. As you advance in rank, you will be invited to join special campaigns open only to players with your level of experience and skill.

Total Experience Points Player Ranking
0 Unranked
500 Beginner
2,500 Novice
5,000 Initiate
10,000 Adept
25,000 Veteran
50,000 Champion
75,000 Master
150,000 Grand Veteran
250,000 Grand Champion
375,000 Grand Master
500,000 Supreme Veteran
750,000 Supreme Champion
1,000,000 Supreme Master
1,500,000 Archon

A player gains experience points for a number of general accomplishments listed below. The actual number of points awarded for each accomplishment depend on the overall difficulty of a campaign, the experience of your opponents, the length of time the game has progressed, the magnitude of your accomplishment, and so on. If we didn't use computers to figure it all out we would probably use a much simpler system. But since we have all these computers, we might as well put them to good use.

Finishing a campaign (experience accrues at the end of the campaign):
5,000 Being the sole victor of a campaign.
2,500 Being a group victor of a campaign.
1,000 Surviving to the end of a campaign (and not being a victor).
Gaining computer-controlled communities, units, and items (experience accrues when the gain occurs):
Befriending computer-controlled units.
Befriending or conquering computer-controlled communities.
Gaining computer-controlled items.
Successful orders (experience accrues when the order is processed):
500 Summoning an avatar.
500 Reincarnating a realm.
200 Abandoning a realm.
Ownership of communities, units, and items (experience accrues at the end of each month):
Owning hexagons.
Owning productive communities.
Owning units.
Owning items.
Directing an Avatar.
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