Movement Costs

Each hexagon a unit moves into costs movement points (MPs). The number of movement points depend on the terrain of the hexagon, modified by the presence of roadways and waterways (if any), as shown in the Terrain Effects chart. An additional 1 MP will be added if the entered hexagon is unowned or unallied. This represents the effort required to conquer the hexagon. An ally's territory is treated as your own for this purpose (i.e., there's no penalty for entering an ally's territory). If a force engages in battle or encounters an unallied force, it will cost that force an additional 10 MP's (A group with an Avatar is exempt from this rule). If a unit doesn't have enough MPs to enter a hexagon, the unit stops moving and any remaining MPs are lost.

The base number of movement points available to a unit each turn is given in the unit's MP statistic. If a unit is followed by other units, the base MPs of the group comes from the unit with the fewest MPs. Some items, leaders, units, and Avatars grant movement bonuses that add to a group's MPs. Since an Avatar is not affected by bonuses of any kind, a group with an avatar may never move faster than the base speed of the avatar.

A force will stop moving if:

  1. IThe force has reached its final destination, completing its movement order.
  2. The force runs into impassable terrain. The force's movement order will be canceled. The edge of the map or water hexagons are considered impassable.
  3. The force has been defeated in battle. The force's movement order will be canceled (if the movement order is standing, it will be repealed).
  4. The lead unit of the force is slain in combat, even if the force is victorious. The force's movement order will be canceled (if the movement order is standing, it will be repealed).
  5. The force has used all of its MPs this turn. It will continue moving on the following turn.
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