Conquering New Territory

When one of your units moves onto an unoccupied hexagon controlled by neither you nor your allies, the hexagon falls under your control. If the hexagon is occupied by a non-allied unit, you must first defeat that unit to gain control of the hexagon. When your unit enters a hexagon controlled by one of your allies, your ally keeps control of the hexagon.

When an Avatar moves (either alone or with one or more armies or leaders), he or she conquers not only unoccupied hexagons entered, but also all unoccupied hexagons within 2 hexagons of the hexagon entered. The Avatar's group pays 1 extra MP for each hexagon conquered; this reflects the Avatar slowing down to extend his or her influence over such a large area. An Avatar does not conquer hexagons that are occupied by non-allied units unless those units are first defeated. When on the move, avatars will attack all unallied forces that are within 1 hexagon. As with any other unit, an Avatar does not conquer the territory of allies, nor do allies' hexagons cost an Avatar extra movement points.

The Occupy Parameter: All realms have an Occupy parameter that determines what a force does when it conquers a community. A realm's Occupy parameter is set for a certain community type and a certain gold value. The community type ids are found in the Community Characteristics chart. Any of that realm's forces that conquer a community of this type or larger will attempt to detach a unit of the gold value or less at that community. The force will never detach the lead unit or a unit that is being followed. This enables a unit from the force to defend the newly conquered community while allowing the main force to continue moving. The detached unit can be issued movement orders as usual on following turns. The Occupy parameter for all realms is set to No Community at the start of each campaign. For information on how to change this setting, see the Occupy order.

Occupy Example: The Destiny Shields player has decided that he wants to leave a human militia (2 gold cost) to defend communities conquered of village (CT5) size or greater: OCCUPY CT5 2. Since this order is processed before movement, the Destiny Shield forces will leave behind a human militia (or other unit of equal or lesser value) at conquered communities of village size or greater (i.e., village, town, city, or metropolis), assuming the conquering force has such a unit. In placing this order, the Destiny Shields player is basically saying that he does not want to automatically defend a newly conquered community of settlement size or smaller (i.e. lairs, dungeons, ruins, and settlements).

Important: You cannot Craft, Muster, Conscript, or Invest in a community on the turn that it is conquered. In other words, you must wait until you get a Turn Results sheet that states that the community is now yours. This conquered community does produce gold for your treasury at the end of the turn it is conquered since the gold production step occurs after the combat step during which communities change hands. The rationale behind these rules is that Crafting, Mustering, Conscripting, and Investing requires that you first establish order and impose your rule on the populace, which takes about a turn.

When a community is conquered, any Craft, Muster, Conscript, or Invest orders issued for the community are lost. The former owner does not receive the community's gold production. Gold that would have been spent on those orders will be returned to the former owners treasury and is not lost in the conquest.

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