There are over 70 types of normal and magical items available to players in War of the Avatars. These items serve a wide variety of purposes. Many of them can aid units in battle by increasing the units' magical abilities, missile fire effectiveness, melee strength, defenses, or resist magic. Other items can increase a unit's speed, enabling it to march far and wide. Items can be taken from opponents defeated in combat or they can be created by skilled craftsfolk in your communities.

Only about 20 types of items can be crafted at communities. The description of each type of item tells how large a community must be to craft that item. Communities that size or larger can craft the item. Your turn reports always list which items may be crafted at each of your communities.

The remaining types of items must be found in secret hiding places, found with wandering bands, or taken away from other realms. These are the most powerful items in the game, well worth taking risks to obtain.

Crafting Items: To craft a particular item, you must specify a community to craft the item. For a community to be able to craft this item, the community must fulfill all of the following conditions:

  1. Be of the proper race.
  2. Be large enough to craft the item.
  3. Have at least 1 gold production.
    In addition, the following condition must also be met by your realm for the community to craft this item:
  4. Your Realm Treasury must have enough gold to craft the item.

If you have the available gold and an appropriate community, you can craft an item by writing the proper Craft order on your Order Sheet. The item appears in that community at the end of the turn, ready for an Assign order next turn.

Crafting an item does not lower the gold production of a community, but there is a limit to the number that can be crafted at a community each turn (See Builds per turn under Types of Communities).

Don't even think about looking for a section in this manual that explains all the items and what they do. Until you research an item, you won't know what it does. If you want to know what that Staff of Fury does for your opponents' unit, you either have to wait for the battle or (if you have time) research it. Of course, this isn't true for items you can craft at your starting communities--your first turn Research Report tells you what those items can do.

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