One of the types of units that certain communities can muster are leaders: wizards, warriors, priests, rogues, etc. These are extraordinary individuals who can rally armies, increasing their will and ability to fight. Leaders can be mustered only at certain communities. If you control one of these communities, you will be told which type of leaders you can muster.

Realm Characters

One of your leaders is your realm character. This is a character you can customize to represent a favorite role-playing character you might have. The default realm character appears on your Set-up Report. He is a human lord with an enchanted chainmail and mithral weapons. You can change the character for your realm, but only on your Turn 1 Order Sheet. You can change the realm character to a human high priest with enchanted platemail and enchanted weapons, a human master thief with boots of speed and enchanted bows, or a human arch-mage with cloaks of protection and javelins of lightning. You can also change your realm character's name. As with your realm's name, certain character names may be deemed inappropriate.

You can think of your realm character as your personal representative on the battlefields of War of the Avatars. He has a number of special attributes. If he is ever slain in battle, his followers carry his body to your nearest community and he is resurrected there. If your realm no longer contains any communities, your realm character will be resurrected the next time you gain and hold a community until the end of a game turn.

Your realm character is a vital ingredient in summoning an Avatar. To have a chance of summoning an Avatar (on or after turn 20), your realm character must start the turn and remain in the community at which the summoning is to occur. If the summoning is successful, the summoned god possesses the body of the realm character, who now becomes the Avatar. You have lost your realm character, but you've gained a vastly more powerful Avatar. Later if your avatar is slain, the avatars spirit will depart the dead body. Your realm character will be resurrected once more, but the avatar will be gone.

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