Expanding Your Realm

Your realm starts out as a tiny piece of the vast Savage Frontier. To achieve your goal of world conquest, you must gobble up territory while keeping other players from nibbling away at your holdings.

Whenever your realm's units enter a hexagon that isn't part of your realm and doesn't contain an enemy unit (army, garrison, or Avatar), that hexagon is added to your realm. When an enemy unit is in the hexagon, you must defeat the unit for the hexagon to join your realm.

When an Avatar is part of a group, the group also battles non-allied units in all hexagons adjacent to the hexagon the group occupies. Also, all hexagons within 2 hexagons of the Avatar are conquered unless they contain a non-allied group.

The exception to the above rules is the territory of a realm you are formally allied with (via use of the Ally order). You move through an ally's territory as if it were your own; your ally retains control of his hexagons when your units move through them.

See the Movement section for more explanations of the details of conquering new territory.

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