The Turn Report

Soon after you submit your orders for a turn, RSI sends a turn report winging its way to you. Each report details the current status of your realm, including everything your units encountered and the results of every order you wrote (at least the ones you wrote correctly).

The Turn Report begins with a Campaign Report that details all realm interaction, movement, combat, investigations, etc... Next comes the Status Report which is broken up into several parts. The Realm Report includes your treasury, production, realm size, allies, known realms, and more.

After that is the Production Report, which lists the units you built, the items you crafted, and where they appeared. It also lists which units and items can be created by which of your communities.

Following this is a listing of communities you saw this turn. This includes your communities, communities your units encountered, and communities you investigated.

The next section reports on hexagons captured. This includes both hexagons that you conquered, as well as hexagons that were taken away from you by others. (Yes, sad to say, this happens sometimes.)

Next is the Units Report. It lists all the units seen this turn; whether owned, allied, or unallied. They may reside at a community or in an empty hexagon.

After this comes the map that depicts the extent of your territory. As the campaign progresses, this map could stretch over several pages. (If time is hanging heavily on your hands, you might want to cut around the edges of these multi-page maps and piece them together into a single whopper of a map.) If your turn report map starts to rival the overall campaign map in size, you're doing pretty well!

Following the map is the order sheet on which you'll write your orders for next turn. After this comes a page listing the existing standing orders for your realm, as well as the orders you gave last turn.

That's your turn report package. The turn report is your window into the world of War of the Avatars--make the most of it.

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