Who Moves First?

The movement phase of each turn is divided up into about 250 impulses. The higher a group's MP rating, the faster the group accumulates its MPs during a turn. For example, a group with an MP rating of 50 accumulates one MP every five impulses, while a group with an MP rating of 125 accumulates one MP every two impulses. When a group has accumulated enough MPs to move into its next hexagon, it does so, resetting its accumulated MPs to zero. A unit continues to move until either it reaches its destination or the 250th impulse has been reached. Unused MPs do not accumulate from turn to turn. All groups begin each turn with 0 accumulated MPs. When two or more groups have accumulated enough MPs to move to their next hexagon, a randomly selected one gets to move first.

The net result of this process is that units march across the map one hexagon at a time, taking turns moving according to their MP ratings and the MP cost of their destination hexagons. Two units whose paths appear to cross may or may not actually meet, depending on the timing of their movement. What happens when two or more units actually meet in a hexagon is described in the following section.

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