Things That Go Bump in the Night

With all these units moving about on the map, it sometimes happens that two units are both in a hexagon at the same time. When a unit that is conflicting moves into a hexagons with a unit belonging to a non-allied realm, combat ensues (use the Explore mission if you do not want your units to automatically attack non-allied units). Allied units will have no affect on the movement of your units (you will not fight, retreat, or be stopped by them). When a group lead by an Avatar is moving on the map, it immediately attacks whenever it comes within 1 hexagon of a non-allied unit.

When two non-allied units meet and battle, the winners of the battle may be P able to keep on moving! (The losers of the battle, if they survive, retreat from the hexagon of battle and cannot move any farther that turn.) The winners of the battle, however, are charged 10 MPs for the battle but can keep moving if they have MPs remaining. Indeed, the winners can get into still more battles and keep on moving, losing 10 MPs with each battle, as long as they keep winning the battles and have MPs remaining. This mechanism enables a large army to overrun a small army and keep on going. To their advantage, groups led by an Avatar are not charged 10 MPs when they participate in battle.

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