Known Avatars

ID Avatar Name, Title Alignment Summoning Race(s)
A1 Annam, Creator-By-Thought neutral giant
A2 Auril, The Frostmaiden neutral evil human/barbarian
A3 Azuth, The High One lawful neutral human
A4 Bane, The Black Lord lawful evil human
A5 Beshaba, The Maid of Misfortune chaotic evil human
A6 Bhaal, The Lord of Murder lawful evil human
A7 Clanggedin Silverbeard, Father of Battle lawful good dwarf
A8 Corellon Larethian, The Elven Creator chaotic good elf/half-elf
A9 Damh, Patron Deity of Korred chaotic neutral korred
A10 Denier, Lord of Glyphs and Images neutral good human
A11 Emmantiensien, The World Tree chaotic good treant
A12 Garl Glittergold, Father of Gnomes lawful good gnome
A13 Gond, The Wonderbringer neutral human
A14 Gruumsh, One Eye lawful evil orc
A16 Hruggek, Keeper-of-Severed-Heads chaotic evil bugbear
A17 Ilmater, The Crying God lawful good human
A18 Ilneval, Orc Lord of Battles lawful evil orc
A19 Khurgorbaeyag, The Whipmaster lawful evil goblin
A20 Kurtulmak, Patron Deity of Kobolds lawful evil kobold
A21 Leira, The Lady of the Mists chaotic neutral human
A22 Loviatar, The Maiden of Pain lawful evil human
A23 Maglubiyet, Blood Axe lawful evil goblin/hobgoblin
A24 Malar, The Beastlord chaotic evil human
A25 Meriadar, The Life Sharer lawful neutral mongrelman
A26 Mielikki, Lady of the Forest neutral good half-elf/human
A27 Moradin, The Soul Forger lawful good dwarf
A28 Myrkul, Lord of Bones neutral evil human
A29 Mystra, The Lady of Mysteries neutral good human
A30 Nomog-Geaya, Patron Deity of Hobgoblins lawful evil hobgoblin
A31 Selune, Our Lady of Silver chaotic good human
A32 Semuanya, Patron Deity of Lizard Men neutral lizard man
A33 Solonor Thelandira, The Hunter chaotic good half-elf/elf
A34 Syranita, The Watcher neutral good aarakockra
A35 Talona, Lady of Poison chaotic evil human
A36 Talos, The Raging One chaotic evil human
A37 Tempus, Lord of Battles chaotic neutral barbarian/human
A38 Torm, The True lawful good human
A39 Tymora, Lady Luck chaotic good human
A40 Tyr, The Even-Handed lawful good human
A41 Vaprak, The Destroyer chaotic evil ogre
A42 Yeenoghu, Lord of Gnolls and Ghouls chaotic evil gnoll, ghoul
A43 Yondalla, The Provider and Protector lawful good halfling

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