There are over 150 different types of armies that may roam the lands of the Savage Frontier. Which types of armies you command depends on which communities you control. Your set-up report lists which armies you can build at the start of the game, and at which communities they can be built. When you take control of a new community, your turn report will tell you which units can be built at that community.

The various types of armies all have different strengths and abilities. Your Set-up Report gives this information for each army type you can build at the start of the game. It tells how much gold an army takes to build, the army's race, and how quickly the army moves. The description of each type of army tells how large a community must be to build that unit. Communities this size or larger can build the unit. The Research Report on turn 1 gives you information about each army's combat abilities.

Building Armies: To build an army, you must specify a community at which to build it. For the community to build this army, the community must fulfill all of the following conditions:

  1. Be of the proper race.
  2. Be large enough to build the army.
  3. Have sufficient gold production to build the unit without falling below zero.
    In addition, the following condition must also be met by your realm for the community to build this unit:
  4. Your Realm Treasury must have enough gold to build the army.

If you have the available gold and an appropriate community, you can build an army by writing the proper build order on your Order Sheet. The army appears in that community at the end of the turn, ready for action on the next turn.

Conscripting an army normally lowers the gold production of a community by 1 (more if the community's Builds per Turn rating is exceeded). This is a permanent loss that can only be recovered by use of the Invest order.

The Muster order is a combination of the Conscript and Invest orders. The gold production of the building community will drop as normal when the unit is built, but an amount of money sufficient to counter this drop will be set aside for an automatic Invest order later in the turn. If your realm treasury does not have enough gold to handle both the build and the investment into the community, the Muster order will fail.

See the Movement and Combat sections for information on how armies move and fight. See the Orders section for the types of commands you can give to armies.

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