Billions of years ago dinosaurs roamed the Earth. Their small brains far too simple for the complex strategy of multi-player games, they mostly [played by themselves] (**They edited it! My version was MUCH funnier, but those darn...oh all right, I edited it.). Eventually, this led to their extinction.

Then came mammals. Equipped with large, convoluted brains and a strong desire to humiliate weaker creatures, they far preferred the challenge of stomping the snot out of each other. It was to feed this insatiable desire for conquest that the mammals invented...

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RSI has been moderating multi-player games since the days when 300 baud modems were cool, coordinating play between opponents around the world since the days when eastern Europe was still in black and white. How did we do this? It's easy, if you know the trick. We use an incredibly low tech substance known as [paper](**No, not a ancient lost art. Paper is actually still being manufactured today! It one of the best uses ever found for wood pulp, and if it weren't for the paper making industry, we would having the same problem with too much wood pulp accumulating as we do with those try-AOL free diskettes.) and make use of the fact that there are lunatics who will, for mere pennies, take paper from almost anywhere in the world and bring it to us within days. (Sure, these lunatics occasionally go postal and shoot each other, but hey, that's not our problem.)

Here on the web, you can find the rules to some of our games and if you send us your [mailing address](**the cryptic sequence of letters and numbers used by the aforementioned lunatics to find your house; in order to get things back to you we will need the whole darned thing. "Bob in Seattle" may be good enough for your friends from school or the IRS to find you, but the post office is a tad more detail oriented.) in just days we will cause a setup packet for any of our games to appear in your mailbox -- as if by magic!

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