Time in the Realms

Since War of the Avatars is played in turns that each take one month of game time, it would be helpful for you to be acquainted with the calendar used to keep track of time in the Forgotten Realms world.

The months of the year are as follows (the corresponding months of our Earth year are in parentheses):

Hammer (January)
Alturiak (February)
Ches (March)
Tarsakh (April)
Mirtul (May)
Kythorn (June)
Flamerule (July)
Eleasias (August)
Eleint (September)
Marpenoth (October)
Uktar (November)
Nightal (December)

Each campaign begins in Marpenoth of the year 1364, Dale Reckoning. This is turn 0 of the campaign. From this start, there are 20 months (turns) before the Time of Troubles. The first Avatars may begin moving about the prime material plane in Flamerule of the year 1366 DR. This is on turn 21 of the campaign, since players cannot attempt to summon Avatars until at least turn 20, and it takes one turn for the successfully summoned Avatars to appear. Each player has this much time to prepare his realm, to make it worthy of the Avatar he hopes to attract to his cause.

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