Written orders are the means by which you control the subjects of your realm. Your realm (and every other realm) automatically receives 10 orders per month. Each realm receives extra orders according to the numbers and types of communities it controls (Community Characteristics chart). At the start of the game, each realm controls enough communities to receive 12 orders. No realm can receive more than 50 orders per turn or less than 10 orders per turn.

If a realm does not use all the orders it is entitled to, it receives 2 gold for each unused order. This gold will come at the beginning of the turn.

Unused Orders Example: If the Nature Lords can write 15 orders for turn 7, but they use only 12 of those orders. The will gain 6 gold for the three unused orders and may spend this gold on actions processed this turn (turn 7) like Give, Muster, Investigate, etc...

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