The savage northlands. Far from the bustle and orderliness of civilization lie the lands of the Savage Frontier and the Western Heartlands. This is the setting for the epic adventure you have joined. From grim Ironmaster in the northwest to mighty Suzail in the southeast, this land is a rich and rugged wilderness. Here you'll find the freezing wastes around the Spine of the World, the great deserts of the Anauroch, the cities of the Sword Coast, the High Forest, the High Moor, and many other lands. In this inhospitable region, tiny pockets civilization struggle for existence against the onslaught of orcs, trolls, barbarians, and uncountable hordes of other monstrous inhabitants.

Great currents are now flowing here; currents that threaten to break forth in waves of fury to overwhelm the Savage Frontier. Warriors, wizards, armies, and monstrous hordes--all are stirring in the first rumblings of a titanic struggle. The gods themselves will soon take part in the conflagration. So great will be the turmoil that this period shall be known as the Time of Troubles and the conflict dubbed the Godswar by those who survive. The War of the Avatars is about to begin!

The climactic events of this struggle, when gods and mortals battle for dominion over the land, are still months away. Twenty times yet must the moon Selune wax and wane before Bane and Myrkul, the gods of Strife and Death, dare to steal the Tablets of Fate from the Highbod Ao. Twenty months must pass before the gods walk the surface of Faerun as Avatars, thrown down from the heavens by Ao for the theft of the tablets.

Lord Ao has decreed that 50 mortals shall strive alongside and against the gods. As one of these 50 mortals, you must meet the challenge of survival and triumph in this time of ultimate chaos. When the gods come to the Savage Frontier, which deity will you choose to align yourself with? What is your role in this vast conflict? If you are strong enough and resourceful enough to find the Tablets of Fate, what will you do with them?

This very day, 50 armies begin to march across the lands of the Savage Frontier. Each of the 50 chosen mortals want to conquer as much territory as possible before the gods walk the land. Warriors of all races are drawing weapons and screaming battle cries. Humans, elves, dwarves, goblins, giants, and trolls--all have an equal part in this struggle. The gods look with favor upon the strongest of the mortals. The strongest of the gods will strive to ally with the mightiest mortal kingdom. Such an alliance may sweep all before it.

So be it. Let the ultimate struggle begin--50 mortals will contest for the right to rule all of the Savage Frontier. The winner will forge an empire that will be sung of for centuries to come!

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